Old White Meeting House Study Committee

Old White Meeting House – OUTREACH COMMITTEE
Purpose: Gather community visions and ideas about the revitalization and/or preservation of the Old White Meeting House a.k.a. Granny’s Attic.
Survey Results:
 Upcoming Meetings:
Tuesday October 15, 5-6 PM     only if needed.
Members – Volunteers:

Bev Blakely – Granny’s Attic
Ross Brown – DRB
David Carter – Selectboard
Peg Clark – Historical Society
Bret Corbin – Town Historian
Sandy Gregg – Planning Commission
Bridget Kerr – Planning Commission
Carol Nedde – Community member
Terry Robinson – Bicentennial Museum
Carol Tremble – Community member

Members – Professional Consultants:

Engineering Ventures, PC – Architectural & Structural Assessment
Mary Harwood – Consultant – Community Questionnaire Survey
Taylor Newton – Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NRPC)
Shannon Turgeon – NRPC

  • $12,550 from a 2019 Municipal Planning Grant 
  • $  3,000 from Town Match
  • $15,550 = Total Project Cost
Meeting Dates:


2019 Agenda:

2019 Minutes:

Old White Meeting House -Timeline

Old White Meeting House Assessment Report (2)

Old White Meeting House E1.0 Existing Floor Plans (2)