May 14, 2019 Minutes

May 19, 2019

2019 Municipal Planning Grant – Old White Meeting House OUTREACH COMMITTEE
Minutes from May 14, 2019
Committee Members Present: Bridget Kerr, Taylor Newton-NRPC, Mary Harwood-Harwood Consulting,
Carol Tremble, Ross Brown, Bev Blakely, Terry Robinson, Sandy Gregg.
Committee Members Absent: David Carter-Chair, Carol Nedde, Bret Corbin, Peg Clark.
1. Call to Order at 5:00 pm by Sandy Gregg
2. Agenda Changes – none
3. Minutes of April 23, 2019: Motion to approve by Carol T., seconded by Bridget K. Vote unanimous.
4. Structural Assessment : A completed report was received from Engineering Ventures (EV) and
reviewed by the group. The following conclusions & comments were made:
A. It is in better condition than we thought.
B. EV will be contacted by Sandy G. to confirm the priority listing of proposed repair/replace AND to
include an estimated range of costs for each prioritized item based on current prices.
C. EV’s Bob Neeld will be asked by Sandy G. to be available to attend a later Selectboard (SB)
meeting to present the report if the SB so desires. This is likely to be in October during budget
planning sessions.
5. Community Survey Final: The committee went over all survey questions once again. The weight of
response wording will be changed to: 1=Strongly Disagree, 2=Somewhat Disagree, 3=Neutral,
4=Somewhat Agree, 5=Strongly Agree. Mary will get two price quotes. Taylor N. will revise the online
survey and then contact Skip Brown in order to get the survey to go live on the Town website by May
30th at the latest.
6. Final Report: 1st Draft by Taylor N.-NRPC is due by mid-October. The final report will be ready before
the Select Board begins budget meetings for the next fiscal year.
7. Community Survey Kick-Off: Thursday, May 30th, 5:30-6:30 PM.
100 Hand-out Surveys will be printed in 8.5 x 11 format at the Town Office by Sandy G. after the Kickoff
any remaining copies will be placed at the Town Office for pick-up by community folks. Taylor N. will
produce a one-page handout for this Kick-Off. Link to online survey will go live. Scouts are confirmed to
be on held to cook & sell hotdogs etc.
8. Outreach Meetings: Taylor N. will facilitate both Outreach sessions. Tentative dates of Wednesday,
June 19th at 7:00 PM during the regular Planning Commission meeting, and Monday, July 29th 7:00
PM during the 5th Monday SB meeting. Sandy G. will confirm both dates with Martha Taylor-Varney,
Zoning Administrator. Sandy G. will do PR on Front Porch Forum and in The Islander about these 2
9. Next Meeting: Thursday, May 30th 5-6:30 pm at the Kick-Off at Old White Meeting House. Be there or
be square!
10. Meeting Adjourned at 5:50 pm. Motion by Bridgett K., seconded by Bev B. vote was unanimous.
Respectfully submitted,
Sandy Gregg

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