December 18, 2014 PC Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2014


 Planning Commission

December 18, 2013 Meeting Minutes

 Planning Commission Members Present: Jonathan Shaw, George (Terry) Delano, Sandra O’Flaherty, Doug Patterson and Sandy Gregg

Planning Commission Members Absent: None

Staff Present: Mitchel Cypes

Others Present: Todd Cox (with the Commission), Mark Rocheleau

7:00PM: Call to order for the Planning Commission by Jonathan Shaw.

7:07PM: A motion was made by Sandy, seconded by Terry and approved unanimously to modify the December 4, 2013 minutes to an executive summery.

7:08PM: WS063-14-03PC, Mark Rocheleau, Sketch Subdivision Plan Application to create 1 new lot.

Mark Rocheleau told to the Commission that he purchased the proposed lot years ago and wished to preserve it.  He described how the property was merged years ago with the property it is a part of today.  Use of the property as a recreation path would provide a continuous path for bikers to use.  He discussed how the Zoning Administrator could not approve the re-subdividing of this property.  The Planning Commission stated that only they have the authority to subdivide properties.  Mr. Rocheleau stated his wish to sell the property at the amount of money he has put in to it and that the property not have restrictions to who can use the property.

The Commission discussed at length how to proceed and decided to approach the ZBA to discuss their roll in this process prior to advertising for a Public hearing.  Rocheleau stated that his property is under contract and once sold would not be available for subdividing.

Public Comment: No additional Public was present.

7:41PM: On a motion by Terry, seconded by Sandra and approved unanimously to approve the sketch plan as complete and as a minor subdivision application that will create one new lot.

7:44PM: Administrative Officer’s Report: Staff mentioned that the shore land work discussed at the previous meeting will not include concrete, thus can be done as landscaping.

7:52PM: A motion was made by Terry, seconded by Doug and approved unanimously to approve the HO049-13-02PC Frechette major subdivision application as written.

7:53PM: A motion was made by Sandy, seconded by Terry and approved unanimously to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Mitchel Cypes, Administrative Officer.


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