March 5, 2014, PC Meeting Minutes

April 6, 2014


 Planning Commission

March 5, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Planning Commission Members Present: Jonathan Shaw, Sandra O’Flaherty, Doug Patterson and Sandy Gregg

Planning Commission Members Absent: George (Terry) Delano

Staff Present: Mitchel Cypes

Others Present: Jay Buermann, Jeff Sikora and Timothy Maxham


7:00PM: Call to order for the Planning Commission by Jonathan Shaw.

7:02PM: A motion was made by Sandy, seconded by Sandra and approved unanimously to approve the Minutes for December 4, 2013.

7:03PM: A motion was made by Sandra, seconded by Sandy and approved unanimously to approve the Minutes for December 18, 2013 with a correction.

7:04PM: FR015-14-02PC, Sidney Boyle, Final Subdivision Plan Application to create 2 new lots with remaining land at 15 Ferry Road.

Jay Buermann, Jeff Sikora and Timothy Maxham were sworn in.  Jay Buermann and Jeff Sikora testified the following:

  • The final subdivision application is similar to sketch plan subdivision application.
  • The submitted subdivision plat is missing a water easement located adjacent to the 4-rod Ferry Road right-of-way.  This easement will have placed on final Mylar.
  • They received a State water & wastewater permit, but they forgot to send notice to the Poquettes. They      were required to voluntarily revoke state permit and reapply for the      permit with all the required notices.
  • A 9-bedroom house is proposed for lot 2.  The septic system for the proposed house on lot 2 is located in an easement benefitting lot 2 on lot 1
  • There is no proposed development for lots 1 & 3.  The Applicant will accept that these lots be bound by deferral language.  It was agreed at the meeting that if future development on lots 1 or 3 required new septic and or water, the      subdivision approval would need to be amended.  The Engineer suggested the Commission use the deferral language placed on the subdivision plat.
  • In response to the absence of potable water shown on the plans, the Engineer stated that development would be either limited by available water or that the landowner could connect to nearby fire district water.
  • A culvert, which the Applicant must propose and V-Trans accept, is required to be placed under VT route 314 to provide adequate stormwater drainage for the properties.
  • V-Trans has accepted a proposed relocation of the Ferry Road curb for proposed lot 2.
  • Lot 1 would be able to be accessed through the existing 50-foot Right-Of-Way located on lot 1.
  • The wetlands shown on the plans are possible wetlands.  No development is proposed in these areas.  Future further investigation may reveal that these areas are not wetlands.


The Commission reviewed the standards of Section 707 of the Town’s Development Regulations from which expressed concerns regarding pedestrian traffic, potable water and notification of potential future landowners regarding the limitation to potable water.  The Commission wanted there to be deed language for lots 1 and 2 that would provide septic access to lot 3.  It was noted that as a general condition that all outdoor lighting is required to be pointed downward.

The hearing was opened to Public Comment:

Timothy Maxham upon request was provided with clarification of the proposed lot locations and lot sizes.  He raised the concern that lot 3, which he has farmed, would not have adequate access.  He noted that an existing wetland located along the lot 2 and lot 3 property line would also limit access.  Requiring an access easement from the lot 2 curb-cut to lot 3 that avoids the existing wetland and that could be removed should an alternative access be provided was discussed.  It was noted that approval from the State for an agricultural curb-cut could satisfy this concern.

Doug Patterson was asked to be responsible for writing the decision.  Staff will provide a draft template.

8:00PM: On a motion by Sandra, seconded by Sandy and approved unanimously to accept the application as complete and to close the hearing for deliberation.

8:01PM Village Center Designation Discussion: – The Commission discussed the benefits of having village center designation(s), with Staff, Timothy Maxham and Jeff Sikora in attendance.  It was stated that the State designates Village centers and that having Village centers increases the likelihood of Town’s receiving municipal grants.

Sandy Gregg, who had researched this stated that there was a lot of information on the State’s website.  She explained the following:

  • The Agency of Commerce and Community Development meets every month to review Village Center applications.
  • Once approved then approval is required by either the Town’s Planning Commission or the State Regional Planning Commission before final approval by the Selectboard.
  • Assistance is available from the Agency of Commerce and Community Development and regional planning.

8:13PM: Administrative Officer’s Report: – Staff provided notice for an upcoming conditional use / site plan application hearing.

8:15PM: Other Business: – The upcoming meeting by Jeff Wright on solar energy was mentioned and discussed.

8:17PM: A motion was made by Doug, seconded by Sandy and approved unanimously to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Mitchel Cypes, Administrative Officer.


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