October 29, 2014 PC Meeting Minutes – Draft

November 4, 2014


Planning Commission

October 29, 2014 Meeting Minutes – Draft

Planning Commission Members Present: Doug Patterson, Sandra O’Flaherty, Sandy Gregg and David Roy

Planning Commission Members Absent: George (Terry) Delano

Staff Present: Mitchel Cypes

Others present: Jay Buermann, Jeff Sikora and Tim Maxham

7:00 PM: Call to order for the Planning Commission by Doug Patterson.

7:00PM Additions or Deletions to the Agenda were solicited. None were requested.

7:00PM: Continuance from October 15, 2014; RT493-14-04PC, Cecile Bergeron, Final Subdivision Application to create 1 new lot with remaining land at 493 U.S. Route 2.. Doug Patterson read the hearing notice.

Jay Buermann showed on the updated plan the note on wetlands and floodplain, the note addressing the Breault property line, and the updated abutter information. Jay Buermann stated that the easement, as shown on the plan on lot 1 for the benefit of lot 2, does go through a wetland. Jay Buermann testified that he coordinated with Sylvie Breault to meet with Warren Robenstein, and that Warren Robenstein was able to show how the fence remnant and placed pipe are aligned to the Breaults satisfaction.

Commission stated that the Mylar of the final subdivision plat shall include a symbol for 1” iron pipe in the legend and the two corrections listed in the Staff report regarding the abutting properties. The Commission stated that it would condition an approval requiring that the wetlands shall be delineated prior to the construction of any wetland crossing.

Public Comment: None was provided.

7:20PM: A motion to close the hearing for deliberative session was made by David Roy, seconded by Sandra O’Flaherty and approved unanimously.

7:20PM: Public Input: Jay Buermann, Jeff Sikora, Tim Maxham and the Commission discussed concerns regarding the new interpretation of Criterion 9 by the ACT250 staff and boards.

8:06PM: Administrative Officer’s Report included the following:

  • Proposed agenda and minutes for November 5, 2014 meeting.
  • A review of the NRPC’s Zoning Administrator’s Roundtable on Thursday, October 23rd at 9 AM and the VLCT’s annual Fall Planning and Zoning Forum from earlier in the day.
  • Notice of November 12, 2014, Pest Pro Inc. (RT238-15-15B) Site Plan hearing.
  • Notice of November 19, 2014, Bond (MR007-15-01PC) Final subdivision hearing.
  • Review of the Public Notice for Transmission Lines in Lake Champlain.

8:20PM: A motion was made to approve the Minutes for October 15, 2014 by Sandy Gregg, seconded by David Roy, and approved unanimously.

8:21PM: A motion was made to go in to deliberative session inviting Tim Maxham by Sandy Gregg, seconded by David Roy, and approved unanimously.

9:05PM: A motion was made to come out of deliberative session by Sandy Gregg, seconded by Sandra O’Flaherty and approved unanimously.

9:05PM: Town Plan will be discussed at next meeting.

9:06PM: A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Sandy Gregg, seconded by Sandra O’Flaherty and approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by Mitchel Cypes, Administrative Officer.


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