August 13, 2020 Trails Subcommittee Minutes

August 14, 2020

South Hero Trails Committee Minutes 8/13/20
Present: Dave Hobbs, Chuck Hulse, Carol Tremble, Susan Ryan, Peter O’Malley, Bridget Kerr, Neal Blanchard, Guy Maguire
Minutes from last meeting – Carol did not follow up with Emily yet. Carol made motion to approve minutes – all voted in favor.
Lavin Trail
Dave called Jeff Sikora, They are selling subdivided lots, some people who are potential buyers were amenable to put a trail on their property, others who didn’t want it. The original reason for not giving the easement was that the town was doing an analysis of the soil and water coming out of the old dump, he didn’t feel like he could add anything until that was resolved. So it’s been on hold.
Bridgett has been following Lavin closely, the most recent potential buyer was a trucking terminal that was voted down, and there was a woodshop idea with small retail and adjacent family homes. The woodshop idea is currently going to be reviewed by the DRB on Wed Aug 26th.
Chuck – is commercial/industrial allowed in that area by zoning? Bridgett – the Lavin property is in an area now zoned commercial in new plan, she was the only person who wanted to keep it closer to the center of town but was outvoted. Falbys looked at buying part of the parcel, but the deal fell through.
The group discussed the “easement” bump out of Lavin that connects to S Street across from the Church, whether a road could be there – which Dave thought not because of the wetlands.
Bridgett – Vast trails back there? Chuck: no vast trails in SH.
Dave – so priority 1 & 2 on hold, can we be creative to make something happen. Could we put a trail through the adjacent properties
Guy and Chuck will come up with a list for internal review, look at trail ideas list of owners and possible routes to send to the group.
Keeler Bay Park
Chuck blazed a trail at KBP, might need some work to get back on trail safely. Susan – not a great spot to park. Jack also reported to Dave that we’d need to clear the old rail trail, but wouldn’t be too much of a project. Chuck says we need to knock down some old fences. Maybe one boardwalk section (puncheon) to get across the bridge.
Susan – happy to help. Chuck – mark trail with marker on a pole or something.
Chuck – you can park on any state road, but all 4 wheels need to be outside white line, if no line then all the way off. If there are no parking signs, then you can’t park.
Work party: Build puncheon boardwalk, clear brush and widen trail, carry in materials for picnic table. Neal, Bridgett, Chuck, Guy, Susan are interested in a fall work party in Oct one weekend. Guy will send around a doodle poll to choose a weekend.
Priority 3 trail – Folsom to Roy Marsh/Tracy
Dave reported that Steve Robinson is fine with a trail going along the E edge of the swamp, more discussions planned.
Chuck mentioned how the new, higher capactiy culvert is already affecting (lowering) the water level, which will cause less flooding on trail, but less habitat for wildlifeas the wetland area shrinks.
Neal – we need to talk to Varney’s. On Dave’s to do list
Dave and Neal will talk to Varney and Steve about priority 3 trail.
Tracy woods trail is looking good, more work on directional; signage to be done by Guy and landowners this fall.
Roy Marsh Trail
Neal and his fell CHAMP volunteers are going to get the roy marsh trail ready. Ride is on Sept 12th.
Neal – towns need to clear back brush on either side. Chuck knows folks who can help clear.
Dave – leased on trail has expired but we still take care of it. Suggestion to rent a vertical brush hog and clear the trail.
Chuck will work with a friend of his to do some brush hogging and let the folks know how it goes. Chuck will also mow before 12th of sept and get logs out of way with Dave.

SH Rec Park.
Guy will work with Dave and Chuck to replace rotting boardwalks boards.
Town dump – is it accessible, yes but Dave talked to Ethan Matthews, issue with the landowner at the end of Dubuque Lane (Dubuque family), used to be accessible but the Dubuques have put barricades. Some folks have wanted to do bike park there. Carol – could be a nice sliding hill in the winter. We’ll put this on hold until we (if we) put trail across Lavin (#2) to Landon.
Chuck suggests: creating a trail from the Landon loop to connect to dump.
Some folks suggested an idea for a bike park.
Trail Signs
Folks liked the trail signs that Neal made, and asked if all the trails could get them. Neal said next signs will be put at the Landon/RP connector trail.
Working Groups
Guy will resend group sign ups along with meeting minutes.
Next year’s action item. Chuck wants to put signs to tell folks to walk on one side and bike on the other for safety. Bridgett also thinks that there need to be signs to make sure drivers respect bicyclists and pedestrians. Slow down for bikers and walkers, share the road.

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