January 9, 2020 Rec. Comm. Minutes

January 9, 2020

Recreation Commission Meeting minutes, 7pm, S.H. Town Office In attendance: Dave Hobbs, Linda Burger, Tom Chagnon & Erin Morse
1) Approval of November minutes – Carol made a motion to ap prove November minutes, Dave seconded, all in favor. 2) Public Input
Dylan Degree presented receipt for basketballs and ref’s for the 3/4 boys basketball team. He also asked for a reimbursement for UVM basketball tickets for his team. This would be $182. We budgeted $1,000 for basketball and with this we are going over $35. Approved by all members. Dylan also discussed Yogi base ball and will be researching costs.
3) New Business
A) Coordinating Activity Info with Library
Dave spoke with Keegan and she is still interested in meeting. Dave will meet with her next week.
B) Skating at Rec Park pond – needs to be shoveled. Dave will contact Carol once ice is ready and Carol will post on FPF asking for someone to shovel.
C) New member of Commission
Renewal of commissioners’ terms – Erin & Carol need to renew. Erin will send an email to Janet.
4) Old Business
A Ski Program scholarships / transportation – Crystal is han dling and while a large task it’s going well.
5) Other Business

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