May 7, 2020 Trails Subcommittee Minutes

May 8, 2020

South Hero Trail Committee Minutes
Present: Dave Hobbs, Susan Ryan, Carol Tremble, Chuck Hulse, Pete O’Malley, Guy Maguire

Via Zoom — Thursday, May 7, 2020, 6 PM
1) General notes: We reviewed the status of the Lavin trail, the RTP grant, and why that project fell through. Carol shared the Turnbridge trail network booklet that was created for that town. They sold copies to raise money for the library, could be a good idea for South Hero. Guy mentioned that SHLT has produced a SH trails brochure that has not got widespread attention yet but could be a start.

2) Trail priorities

A) We reviewed and discussed the order of trail priorities and made some adjustments for our ranking, added new trail priorities, as well as created an action plan for moving forward with each.

P1: Folsom to Community Lane- On hold. Marty declined to sign the easement in time and we had to turn back the RTP grant funds we were awarded. Dave will continue to stay in contact with Marty Lavin and move towards a trail easement donation if possible.

P2: Folsom to Landon Community Trail – Same as P1.

P3: Folsom to Tracy Woods – We revised this trail route to avoid crossing the Roy Marsh and instead go north along the forest edge of the Robinson property to Tracy Rd. Dave will follow up with Steve Robinson.

P4: W Shore to Martin Rd (rail trail) – The group discussed and added this as a new priority trail, given the high value of a trail connection linking Allen Point and the causeway/bike ferry to the Roy Marsh trail. Carol will follow up with Emily Alger.

P5: Keeler Bay Park – We discussed this town-owned park as a potential project and added it as a priority because of its potential recreational and educational value as a trail. Chuck will go re-blaze the trail and mark it for other committee members to go check it out.

2) Trail Maintenance Report – Chuck and Dave reported a large downed tree at the Roy Marsh trail. Dave and Guy removed several large trees about 3 weeks ago and met the new owners of the north side of the march.

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