September 11, 2020 Rec. Comm. Minutes

September 12, 2020

Minutes, Recreation Commission meeting, September 11,2020
Members Present : Linda Burger, Chuck Hulse, Dave Hobbs
Public Present: Sarah Kjelleren, Karen Browning, Karin Ames, Jerry Robinson
A) Treasury:
Report unavailable
Good news – Chuck may take the Treasurer job in November
B) Public input:
1) Renaming White’s Beach
Karen shared info from Selectboard (SB) – For decisions about White’s Beach (name change, etc), citizens should go to Recreation Commission.
A letter from Josh Decatur was shared in print pointing out that Vermont isn’t exactly perceived as welcoming by some people of color.
There was agreement that a change in the name of the Beach Park would be a small but significant step towards antiracism in South Hero.
It was pointed out that several other towns in Vermont have named the town beach as a town beach, e.g. Charlotte, Shelburne, Ferrisburg.
With regards to cost for new signs, Linda pointed out that we have the funds in the budget since we have had to cancel programs such as swim lessons due to Covid19. Sarah recommends a Vermont firm that would be able to cover present signs with vinyl (rewording) at much reduced cost as compared to the original (estimated durability = 10 years).
Linda and Dave cleared the large sign area free of weeds and ready for replanting next Spring.
Chuck moved and Linda seconded a motion to recommend the name change to “South Hero Town Beach with the informational paragraph as below to be included on the large sign. All 3 Commissioners present were in favor. (An email vote of the entire Commission will be taken before submitting to the Selectboard, since a quorum consists of 5 members. Informational paragraph:
The State of Vermont has agreed that the Champlain Islands and most of Vermont are the tra ditional lands of the Abenaki people, The town beach is a part of that territory. Descendants of the Abenaki people are still living here today. In 1871, Beers Atlas shows the Hall family owned the adjacent farm and the beach. Ina Hall married Hugh White and the popular property became known as White’s beach. In 1943, “Chick” and “Yardy” Stephenson bought the property and in 1963 donated it to the town. The name White’s Beach was kept as per popular custom.” 2) White’s Beach Park overcrowding, parking enforcement
Jerry expressed concern regarding the lack of a cohesive plan to ensure town residents’ ability to enjoy this town park… The first year with the parking regulations appeared to be successful, this year not so much. Commissioners expressed willingness to accept the role of managers, with the support of the townsfolk and the Selectboard. All agreed that enforcement of the ordinances is key. Jerry shared stories about observing Sheriff’s deputies’ frustration with enforcement. Jerry will look into how other towns manage and get back to the Commission. C) New // Revised Business
i) Community Youth Soccer yearly Fall program will happen again this year with Covid19 cautions (smaller groups = limiting to South Hero children, masks for onlookers and coaches,
distancing for drills, brief close contact allowed — but only for scrimmage or game situations). Looks like 5-6 weeks of Saturday morning sessions for ages 5-11 at the Folsom School field. ii) Scholarships will be available as planned — Smugglers’ Notch Ski Program. Dave will check on status of instruction there this winter.
iii) Youth Basketball will likely not happen this fall/winter due to indoor location. iv) Pickelball in South Hero did happen at the paved area northeast of the school gym. Players brought nets and lines… a good use of summertime space.
D) Old Business
i) Local Motion Bike Safety mobile program
They will get back to us. Chuck will follow up.

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