February 11, 2021 Trail Subcommittee Minutes

February 15, 2021

South Hero trails committee meeting minutes 2.11.21

1) Attendees Present: Dave Hobbs, Carol Tremble, Bridgett Kerr, Neal Blanchard, Peter O’Malley, Susan Ryan, Guy Maguire

2) Minutes of last meeting (December, 2020 ??) were not available to discuss

3) Working Groups

  1. A) Landowner Approach
  2. i) Robinson Farm Trail, aka Priority #3 Trail — connecting Tracy road at the “crick” to South St

The Committee is enthusiastic about this trail with the Wells family happy to support it on their land, Route to get from southeast corner of Robinson farm to South St may be difficult to negotiate… directly onto Congo church parking lot    Or eastward along Masonic southern property boundary

Carol will talk with Church officials; which will likely require more consultation with the Wells family and maybe the Masons. Dave has reached out to Jim Robinson about cemetary and Mason property.

Chuck, Susan, Bridgette also volunteered to work at the site whenever the exact route is clear. [ Editorail: Jack also volunteered later]

  1. ii) Priority #1 and #2 trails — through portions of “Lavin Property”

Discussion was sidetracked a bit by uncertainty about toxic waste from the “old town dump” which borders on a trail route we had hoped might work from the eastern border of the town Recreation Park, heading east through a piece of the “Lavin Property” to the site of the dump and beyond to the southeast to connect with the Landon Farm Trails. It would appear that dump waste might not affect a trail but could affect salability of the southeastern lot of the “Lavin property”. Chuck will look into that issue.

As far as the trail plan which was approved for a State Grant, from the Library to the Rec Park, no progress regarding easement can be reported.

  1. B) Other Trails

i)) Keeler Bay Trail Park

Guy has maintained contact with regulatory agency personnel Brock and Laura Reed who have been responding about permits from Agency of Natural Resources, V Trans, and Shoreland Protection. A staff visit to the site is envisioned.

  1. ii) Storybook Walk in the Rec Park can receive a Grant for more permanent posts with boxes for the folks walking the trail (formerly the “little wigglers trail”. This affords the walkers a chance to learn a book and get outside The Trails Committee supports the addition to our trail and is eager to help with construction.

iii) Rt 2 sidewalk project (grant support) +/- crosswalk signals

(Ed Note — We never got to that item but have supported improvenent in our sidewalks at various meetings. I feel we need more blinking light crossings, especially located where school children are traveling. Even better would be a TRAFFIC LIGHT at Rt 2 and South St  !!) (or at the Library

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