January 14, 2021 Rec. Comm. Minutes

January 15, 2021

Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes

January 14th, 2021 6:30 pm via Zoom

Members present: David Hobbs, Erin Morse, Carol Tremble, Linda Burger & Chuck Hulse Community Members Present: David Carter, Sarah Kjelleren, Karin Ames, Karen Browning, Rich Gog gin, Emily Alger, Jerry and Terry Robinson, Ann Brabazon *my apologies for any errors or omissions*

  1. November 2020 Meeting minutes passes
  2. Selection of Treasurer – Chuck Hulse voted in
  3. Town Beach Discussion
  4. A) Graffiti – still on signs. Work party to be coordinated to clean up signs, Sunday @ 1pm. If graf fiti continues, we go to selectboard and sheriff. Rich has motion detector should we choose to put it up.  Dave Carter to call Ray Allen to follow up on graffiti.
  5. B) Beach name change and signage

Emily Alger shared her thoughts on the whites beach sign. She volunteered South Hero Land Trust to  look into the language and history to update the sign and explanation. Also wants it to refer not to the de scendants but to the Abenaki as they are currently living here today.

Group discussed changing the name of the Town Beach. It was noted by Karen Browning that there  doesn!t seem to be a reason why we can!t change the sign to South Hero Town Beach and leave it named as White!s Beach. Karin Ames to draft a statement on the proposed name and sign change. Ordinance needs to be updated. Sign and ordinance changes to be brought to the selectboard at a later date TBD.   C) Parking Ordinance enforcement

  1. i) formation of a working group to write a manual for

“Beach Attendant”. A budget amount has been approved by the Selectboard for

a part time attendant and will budget will be voted on at town meeting.

Carol, Jerry, Linda, Dave on committee. Linda & Jerry to draft job description. To meet in February  to discuss

Jerry asked to delete purchasing out of town sticker. Suggested relooking at allowing dogs, sticker  placement. Mentioned growing problem of trucks with boats to check to see if they can launch from  White!s beach. Also mention inundation of cars, example of 90 cars. Caution using the word Welcome at White!s Beach.

4. Other: David Carter presented a grant opportunity for upgrading the sidewalk near Robinson!s Hard ware. 5 foot wide. Cindy Spence has given David an estimate on plowing the sidewalk along Route 2  which is to be presented at the next selectboard meeting. He also updated us on the senior housing  project

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