March 18, 2021 Rec. Comm. SPECIAL meeting agenda

March 14, 2021

South Hero Recreation Commission


Zoom Remote Meeting
Thursday, March 18, 7 PM
*** Linda will send out the invite code to us and Skip***

A) Review and approve minutes of 3-11-21 meeting
B)Review and approve Park Attendant Manual and Parking space sketch for submission to Selectboard
*** Linda will send this out also***
C) Approve Budget spending (amount = $6,720 for Attendant(s))
One option: Private Security Company to provide Park Attendant …We will need cost per Attendant with Private Company
Debate: 1) Which days and how many hours ?? possibilities:
a) 2 Attendants, 4-6 hours /day on Holiday weekends Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day ??
b) 1 attendant, one weekday/ week ??
c) Other schedule
2) Private Company ?
Budget Item: Total Approved = $6,720 for summer season (Memorial Day thru Labor Day),
D) Parking violation warning notice ***Dave will sand out a draft***
E) Backup for Attendant (to be delineated in Manual)
1)Rec Commission Beach Manager
2)Constable ??

To gain access to zoom, please email Linda Burger @

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