December 16, 2019 Agenda

December 11, 2019

Selectboard Agenda
Special Meeting of Monday December 16, 2019
South Hero Town Hall, at 6:00 PM

Jonathan Shaw, Chairman
David Carter – Sharon Roy
Anne Zolotas – Graham “Skip” Brown

1. Call to Order

2. Adjustment to Agenda

3. Approval of Minutes
A. Meeting of December 9, 2019

4. Public Input

5. New Business
A. Discuss Old White Meeting House grant and article for funding
B. Discuss articles for the Town report
C. Review VCDP Grant Conditions and Town’s role
D. Discuss letter re: Recreation Commission trail grant application

6. Reports of Officers
A. Review written report from Administrative Assistant

7. Ongoing and Old Business
A. Work on general Town budget
B. Review any possible updates about Dubuque Lane

8. Announcements and Communications

9. Other Business
A. Sign order(s), if necessary

10. Adjournment

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