January 28, 2018 Agenda

January 25, 2019

Selectboard Agenda
Regular Meeting of Monday January 28, 2019
South Hero Town Hall, at 7:00 PM

Jonathan Shaw, Chairman
David Carter – Sharon Roy
Anne Zolotas – Graham “Skip” Brown

1. Call to Order

2. Public Hearing
A. Discuss naming of roads: Lavin Lane and Community Lane
B. Vote on naming of Lavin Lane and Community Lane

3. Adjustment to Agenda

3. Approval of Minutes
A. Meeting of January 14, 2019

4. Public Input

5. New Business
A. Discuss plowing and mailboxes with John Beaulac and John Roy
B. VFW request for coin drop dates in 2019 – Mike Guernsey
C. Discuss Town Website Security Certificate
D. Finalize and approve articles for Town Meeting
E. Review liquor license renewal applications and approve if necessary

6. Reports of Officers
A. Review written report from Administrative Assistant

7. Ongoing and Old Business
A. Review and sign Old White Meeting House NRPC Agreement for Planning Services
B. Review action plan for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) for trees in Town ROW

8. Announcements and Communications

9. Other Business
A. Sign order(s), if necessary
B. Possible Executive session for legal matters

10. Adjournment

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