January 27, 2020 S Minutes

January 29, 2020


Regular Meeting of January 27, 2020

South Hero Town Hall, Monday 6:00 PM


Board Members Present: Jonathan Shaw, Anne Zolotas, David Carter, and Sharon Roy

Member Absent: Skip Brown

Others Present: Martha Varney, Administrative Assistant, Janet Yates, Town Clerk/Treasurer, Doug Patterson, Sandy Gregg, Tim Maxham, Dan Cox, Jim Brightwell, Jeff Sikora, Chris Morris, Ross Brown.


  1. Called to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Shaw at 6:00 pm


  1. Adjustment to Agenda:

-There was none.


  1. Minutes:

David Carter made a motion to accept the minutes of the meeting of January 13, 2020 as written; second by Anne Zolotas. All in attendance so voted and the motion carried.


  1. Public input:

– Sandy Gregg offered to repaint the “Welcome to South Hero” sign if it can be brought to the Town garage to be cleaned.

-Sandy Gregg asked that all the Town’s ordinances be available on the Town website.


  1. New Business:
  2. A. Simon’s Island Beverage request for a waiver from the 12-ft. height limit for signs – Simon’s Island Beverage requested a waiver from the Town’s Sign Ordinance height limit of 12 feet (Section 3.D). Simon’s requested that the height of the replacement free-standing Mobil sign at the intersection of RTs 2 and 314 be increased to 14 feet to allow for better visibility at the intersection. David Carter moved to allow the height limit to be exceeded by 2 feet; Anne Zolotas second. All those in attendance so voted and the motion carried.
  3. B. The schedule and cost of paving roads in South Hero was discussed. A general increase in the Town budget to $250,000 will allow the Town to catch up on current repaving needs, and a proposed Article at Town Meeting for $150,000 has been specified for paving the rest of the unpaved northern section of West Shore Rd.

            Public Comment: Dan Cox asked about the procedure for deciding which roads get paved each year. He stated that usage and safety issues should be more important than cost considerations. Jeff Sikora suggested that, rather than specifying a specific road in an Article, that the Board determine a specific amount of money needed to pave ‘X’ number of miles per year and let the Selectboard/Road Commissioner decide which ones. Jim Brightwell suggested estimating the total cost for all roads to be paved so there would be a defined number to work with. Chris Morris was concerned about the proximity of West Shore Rd. to the lake, and that mud and runoff issues should be considered. Doug Patterson suggested letting the paving budget build up over more than one year to allow for more paving at a better cost.


  1. Administrative Assistant Report:
  2. A. See the report on southherovt.org or filed with this report.




  1. 7. Old and Ongoing Business:
  2. A. The Board finalized the FY2021 Town budget for the Town Report. David Carter moved to adopt the budget; seconded by Anne Zolotas. All those in attendance voted in favor.
  3. The Board finalized the wording for Article 10 to read: “Will the legal voters of the Town of South Hero vote to expend a sum of $150,000 to be raised by taxes to pave a portion of the remaining dirt roads for the year ending June 30, 2021.” There will be 10 Articles on the ballot and will not include an Article to approve the Amended Development Regulations. David Carter moved to approve the official warning for the South Hero Town Meeting; the motion was seconded by Anne Zolotas. All those in attendance voted in favor.


  1. Announcements and Communications:
  2. There will be a public meeting on March 17, 2020 at the Worthen Library on the Emerald Ash Borer. The meeting is hosted by the S. Hero Land Trust with Bill Baron presenting.
  3. Anne Zolotas told the Board that, as the Town Health Officer, she will be attending County Court on Jan. 30th for a tenant/landlord dispute.
  4. DC Energy quoted $2960 to replace the lights in the Town Office with LED fixtures. There was no motion.
  5. The Town has received the State Police 2019 Annual Report.
  6. Request by new Road Crew member Martin Jensen if the Town would offer the State of VT Deferred Compensation Plan. The Board will need additional information.
  7. There was discussion on whether any future Rescue members that are hired to help alleviate daytime shortages will be Town of South Hero Rescue employees. The Board will need to look into this further.


  1. 9. Other Business:
  2. A. David Carter made the motion to sign order #20-15; Anne Zolotas second. All those in attendance voted in favor.
  3. B. David Carter made the motion to sign liquor licenses for Victoria’s Café and Wally’s; Anne Zolotas seconded. All those in attendance voted in favor.


  1. Adjournment:

-7:25PM: David Carter made the motion to adjourn; Anne Zolotas second. All those in attendance in favor.




Respectfully submitted,                                      Approved by,


_______________________________               ________________________________

Martha Taylor-Varney – Asst. to SB                  Jonathan Shaw, Chair




Administrative Officer’s Report to Selectboard                                Jan. 27, 2020


Discussion Items:

  1. Cathedral Square contacted me to say that one of the requirements for the Planning Grant, re: the proposed Senior Housing, is attendance at a Fair Housing Training by either myself or a member of the Selectboard. The next training will be held in Spring 2020 (date TBA). The training is generally held in Montpelier.
  2. All conditions for the VCDP Planning Grant (Cathedral Square) have been met with the exception of re-registering the DUNS number.


-Planning Commission:

The Planning Commission will be meeting next on Feb. 5th to continue edits of the Development Regulations draft in response to comments from the January 6th Selectboard public hearing. The edited document will be posted on the Town website when complete.

A Land Use Planning training by NRPC will be held at the Worthen Library on Tuesday, Feb. 4th at 7PM. Planning Commission and DRB members are encouraged to attend. This meeting will be for PC/DRB members from Grand Isle County.


-Development Review Board: The Board has no meeting scheduled for February 12. The continuation of the RL Vallee Site Plan and Conditional Use review for a Maplefield’s behind McKee’s is still on the schedule for Feb. 26th. Once the sale of Island Beverage is complete on Jan 31st, I will contact Vallee’s attorney to see if they intend to continue the conditional use and site plan review begun on August 28, 2019.

– Recent decisions can be found posted on the Board outside the ZA’s office.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Taylor Varney, ZA and Selectboard Assistant





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