March 8, 2021 Agenda

March 4, 2021

Selectboard Agenda
Reorganizational + Regular Meeting of March 8, 2021
South Hero Town Hall, Monday 6:00 PM
OR VIA ZOOM. Ask for an invitation to the meeting

Current members: David Carter, Anne Zolotas, Ross Brown

1. Call to Order by Town Clerk

2. Organization of Selectboard:
1. Town Clerk to swear in new/incumbent Selectboard members: Skip Brown and Charles Hulse
2. Election of Chairman (required)
3. Town Clerk turns meeting over to new Chairman

3. Appointments and procedures of the Selectboard:
1. Election of Clerk (optional)
2. Election of Vice-Chairman (optional)
3. Set time and place of meetings (currently the 2nd and 4th Monday at 6:00 or 7:00 pm at Town Hall)
4. Set location to post warnings and agendas (currently Town Hall, Post Office and Library)
5. Set newspaper of record (currently the Islander)
6. Appointments:”shall thereupon appoint…the following officers who shall serve until their successors are appointed and qualified…” 24 VSA 871:
a. Animal control officer “…as long as he/she consents to the position, the animal control officer need not be a South Hero resident…”
b. A Tree Warden
c. Road Commissioner
7. Assign Emergency Management Officer and deputy, if required
8. Review, approve and sign the Selectboard Rules of Procedure

4. Adjustments to agenda, if necessary

5. Approval of Minutes
A. Regular meeting of February 22, 2021

6: Public Input

7. New Business
A. Update from the Town Clerk and Treasurer
B. Appoint delinquent tax collector
C. Allow Road Commissioner to sign road permits/road postings for the Selectboard
D. Discuss Town Constable position

8. Reports of Officers
A. Report from Administrative Assistant

9. Old and ongoing Business

10. Announcements and Communications

11. Other Business
A. Sign order(s) (if necessary)
B. Review and sign liquor license renewals (if necessary)
C. Discuss adding substance abuse disorder info to Town website

11. Adjournment

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