May 21, 2014, PC Meeting Minutes

July 4, 2014


Planning Commission with Zoning Board of Adjustment

May 21, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Planning Commission Members Present: Jonathan Shaw, George (Terry) Delano, Sandra O’Flaherty and Sandy Gregg

Planning Commission Members Absent: Doug Patterson

Zoning Board of Adjustment members present: Gwen Hobbs, Paula Delano, George Rice, Steven Nedde and Courtland Perry

Zoning Board of Adjustment members present, but recused from Hearing: Timothy Maxham

Zoning Board of Adjustment members absent: Jim Baker and Alayne Rabow

Staff Present: Mitchel Cypes

Others Present: Timothy Maxham and Dennis LaFarr

7:00PM: Call to order for the Planning Commission by Jonathan Shaw. Call to order for the Zoning Board of Adjustment by Gwen Hobbs.

7:00PM: Hearing RT595-14-49B, Dennis P. LaFarr, Conditional Use and Site Plan Review for Retail furniture and antique store in an existing accessory structure along U.S. Route 2. Jonathan Shaw read the hearing notice.

Dennis LaFarr, and Timothy Maxham were sworn in and discussed the following with the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Adjustment:

  • The Applicants are proposing to use an existing accessory structure on a farm owned by Tim Maxham for an antique and furniture retail store.       The former permits on the property had expired since they were not used for more than 2-years. It was agreed that review of the former permits was not warranted.
  • It was agreed that adequate parking in the existing gravel lot as shown on the sketches was available. Access to the parking area will be the same as was previously permitted by the State from U.S. 2. Access to the structure from the parking area is currently lawn and ground.       Gravel and rubber mats could be added to keep the path safe. The length is approximately 125-feet. Winter and wheel chair access was discussed. It was suggested that a handicapped port-a-potty be utilized.
  • A 7-day week year round operation is proposed. Mr. LaFarr stated that he owned and managed a similar shop in St. Albans for 2½ years and plans on running the store himself with some assistance from the State vocational rehabilitation. He will own all the items to be sold. There will be no other venders or consignment.
  • Items for sale will be moved from the interior rooms to the open areas under the 8-foot wide overhang daily. After closing unsold items will be returned and secured in the structure interior. The sales area will include the structure exterior under the overhang and the 2 front bays.
  • Bottled water from a cooler will be available for his own use or if needed for customers. A port-a-potty with a lattice fence around it will be placed by the trees near the parking area. Free coffee and donuts may be provided. Sale of the items possibly requiring a State permit was discussed.
  • Maintenance work on the walls and flooring will be required. Mr. LaFarr is planning to add insulation and heat, to remove some walls and doors, clean-out a culvert, place fire extinguishers in every bay of the structure and use a generator for electricity.
  • It was noted that a utility pole near the structure exists, but has no transformer or connection to the structure. Mr. LaFarr agreed that if electricity was added to the structure that the wiring for the connection would be placed underground.
  • 2 signs, one on buildings and the other nearby, are proposed. The Applicants were reminded that a Town permit is required for these signs.
  • Proposed down-casting lighting will be placed on the structure and will be turned off along with the generator when the store is closed.

No additional Public was present.

7:32PM: A motion to accept the application as complete for the Planning Commission was made by Terry Delano, seconded by Sandra O’Flaherty, and approved unanimously.

7:35PM: A motion to accept the application as complete for the Zoning Board of Adjustment was made by George Rice, seconded by Steve Nedde, and approved unanimously.

7:36PM: A motion to close the hearing for deliberative session was made by Terry Delano, seconded by Sandra O’Flaherty, and approved unanimously by both boards.

Terry Delano agreed to write the decision for planning commission.

7:40PM: A motion to accept the Minutes for May 7, 2014 was made by Terry Delano, seconded by Sandy Gregg, and approved unanimously.

7:41PM: The Administrative report with both the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Adjustment included a discussion about food carts and an application that will be submitted to amend a prior approval. The Zoning Board of Adjustment closed their meeting. Staff and the Planning Commission discussed boundary adjustment regulations and some proposed boundary adjustment applications.

8:06PM: The Commission deliberated final subdivision application BL043-14-01PC, The Buermann Family Limited Partnership.

8:26PM: A motion to approve final subdivision application BL043-14-01PC as corrected was made by Sandra O’Flaherty, Seconded by Sandy Gregg and approved unanimously.

8:31PM: A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Sandy Gregg, seconded by Terry Delano, and approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by Mitchel Cypes, Administrative Officer.



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